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Welcome to Widener

Our Motto, “Positive Thoughts! Positive Statements! Positive Expectations!” embraces the beliefs that guide our Widener Memorial School.


Our Mission

All staff, professional and paraprofessional, demonstrate the highest expectations daily, for students and colleagues. Such an atmosphere is particularly important when dealing with pupils with disabilities, as research shows. This is reflected in daily lesson plans, in oral and written positive statements, the mandated Core Curriculum and Life Skills Curriculum, in I.E.P. development, and in the use of research-based materials and supplies. Teachers develop and support individualized instructional strategies during bi-weekly discussions within Lower, Middle, and Upper Grade communities, to further support high expectations. Professionals also actively guide paraprofessionals under their supervision in promoting the spirit and environment of high expectations and positive attitudes for students in the school community.

Our Vision

Widener Memorial School’s vision is to uphold a productive atmosphere where students with various physical and medical disabilities successfully acquire skills and attitudes to ensure their fullest individual potential in school and in society. This is accomplished through the daily culture of high expectations and high academic rigor for all in order to promote positive pupil outcomes The process of developing an atmosphere of “Positive Thoughts, Positive Statements, Positive Expectations” has been a part of daily practice for many years. In addition, the size and demographics of all school staff, along with the unique needs of the student population, promote principles surrounding the celebration of diversity.

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