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Widener Memorial School enjoys the support of an active Home and School Association which provides valuable resources to the education program of the school through various fundraising activities.  Parents and teachers are invited to join.  Annual dues are only $5.00.  Meetings are held monthly and all are welcome to attend.  Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.The Home and School provides several special events and programs for our Widener students.  The Home and School can be reached by calling 215-456-3193 or the main school number of 215-400-3710.Please be active members for your children!  We are a true PARTNERSHIP school!

We also have an active Parent Assistance Desk (P.A.D.) which is located in our School Store (Rm 29).

President: Tonya Bah

Vice President: Dee Howe

Secretary: Kristen Massey

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