The IU psychologist, school nurse coordinator, special education director, and complex needs supports coordinator are members of a team that reviews potential Widener candidates and submitted packets.

As soon as school teams suspect via an Evaluation/Reevaluation Report that Physical Support or Multiple Disabilities Support- Supplemental in a Barrier Free Environment may be the service needed, the Learning Network Special Education Director must be notified to assure that the referral is appropriate and that a less restrictive environment cannot meet the student’s needs. Note: Limited Multiple Disabilities Support spaces are available.
If LRE cannot be met elsewhere and the student is deemed appropriate for Widener Memorial School, the school team must develop an IEP and NOREP reflecting the need for Physical Support, Multiple Disabilities Support or Life Skills Support in a Barrier Free Environment. Upon completion of all necessary paperwork, a Widener packet needs to be compiled. The Widener packet can be requested from Special Education Directors. The packet should have all required original signatures.
All completed packets must be hand delivered to the Office of Specialized Services. The OSS Review Committee will review packets on a bimonthly basis and will email approvals or disapprovals to Special Education Directors, Special Education Liaisons, and Principals. Questions and concerns related to the referral will be directed to the SEL and Principal at the neighborhood school.
Appropriate Referrals Will Include:

If the student is eligible for special education, the student’s primary diagnosis must be Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment, or primary Intellectual Disability or Multiple Disabilities with a secondary disability of OI or OHI. Students with an exceptionality of TBI (traumatic brain injury) will also be considered.
Medical Assessment, completed by School District of Philadelphia Physician, must state the need for a Barrier Free Environment.
The Evaluation Report/Reevaluation Report must have been completed within the current school year and must reflect a full evaluation with an updated Psycho-Educational Evaluation. The IEP must have been completed within the previous three months and state Physical Support, Life Skills Support or Multiple Disabilities Support.
Students, who despite the provision of extensive supplementary aids and services in their neighborhood schools, must require a more restrictive setting to meet educational needs.
If the student is 504 eligible, the Service Agreement must reflect the specific nature of the orthopedic and physical disabilities and the aids, services, or accommodations that are necessary. The student should demonstrate a strong need for assistive technology to meet educational goals.
For information regarding students being considered for the Widener Multiple Disabilities Support Program, please contact Twain McLeod.


For more information, please contact the school.