Academic & Instruction Program

Data driven instructional programs drive the Individualized Education Programs (I.E.P.’s) and daily lessons for all pupils at Widener Memorial School.  A system of individually selected goals and objectives based on the Common Core Standards and/or Alternate Standards, are taught with rigor and high expectations to all pupils.  We believe that every Widener pupil can achieve at proficient levels.  Our instructional program includes detailed lessons in all subject areas across all grades.  Our programs embed testing skills within our carefully monitored, outcome-based strategic teaching.

We are proud of our methods and unique programs, which include:

·      Data based decisions

·      Highly Qualified Teachers

·      School Based Teacher Leaders

·      Grade Group Chairs

·      Math Specialist

·      Literary Specialist

·      Technology Teachers and Instructors

·      Data Collection / Progress Monitoring

·      Grade Group Lesson Plan Meetings

·      Administrative Walk Throughs

·      Formal Observations

·      PSSA, Keystone and PASA Testing Programs

·      Transition Program

·      More!