Life Skills (LSS)








The life skills programĀ is a magnificent way to start off. It shapes the way that students see their lives. It shapes their academic performance. Independent living is an important skill taught in the Life Skills class and at Widener, students are provided a realistic apartment-like setting within the school where they practice their daily living skills such as, domestic maintenance, independent living and vocational skills. Whole class and individually, students learn functional housekeeping skills, such as, cooking, cleaning, and vocational skills that assist them in preparation of their post-secondary futures. Operating appliances such as the washer & dryer, microwave and oven are essential skills needed for independent living and 2-3 times a week, students get hands on experience using them. Students complete such tasks as sorting and folding clothing, food preparation, cooking in an oven and microwave, washing dishes, setting a table and household cleaning exercises. Each student is given the opportunity to have hands on experience becoming confident and independent adults.