Gym and Swimming

Part of every pupil’s program is involvement in self-selected activities that lead to life-long recreational endeavors.  Our pupils excel in participating under the direction of two highly skilled Physical Education Teachers (gym & aquatic).  We offer a variety of activities that include:

Cardiovascular fitness
Muscular strength
Muscular endurance
Body Systems
Sports Education






At Widener, students love basketball. Outside schools are invited to come to Widener for matchups against the Wildcats. Our students look forward to cheering on the team and watching the games.

Wheelchair Dance
Intra-mural sports

Our students love to get in the pool! The benefits are well documented and the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. The time in the water is an opportunity for “hydro-mobility” as the weight reduction effects of water allow many of our students to move on their own. Floating also helps to relieve pain and stress in muscles and joints, which promotes a more productive day.

It’s important for people with disabilities to increase their muscular strength and endurance. In addition, swimming is an outstanding cardiovascular exercise, which helps strengthen your heart muscle. Remember that your heart is a muscle that needs exercise and swimming is that perfect activity.

Swimming Permission Form 2018-2019